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10 habitudes Bouddhiste qui vont changer votre vie

10 Buddhist habits that will change your life

Discover in these lines, ten habits of Buddhist monks difficult to adopt but which will change your life forever when put into practice!

Habitude Bouddhiste univers Bouddha

What's the secret to feeling calm and focused?

How do Buddhist monks manage to appear so calm and relaxed?

For thousands of years, Buddhist philosophy has focused only on how to reduce human suffering and keep the mind focused on the present moment.

Habitude Bouddhiste Univers Bouddha 1

Today we are going to review the most important principles and habits of Buddhism that we can all adopt in our daily life.

Although they may seem difficult at first, if you persist they will benefit you all your life.

N ° 1 / Exterior clearance

Habitude Bouddhiste 1 Univers Bouddha

Did you know that the Buddha was born a prince? Yes, he could have spent his life in a large and beautiful palace where everything is done for him.

But he does not didn't.

He gave it all up when he realized the frustrating nature of materialism.

2300 years later, Buddhist monks say the same. They minimize their material possessions and only have what they need to live their life. Usually, this all fits in a bundle.

N ° 2 / Interior decluttering: taking care of others

Habitude Bouddhiste Univers Bouddha 1

In many Buddhist circles, monks learn to do things not for themselves, but for the community.

When they meditate, it is for good of all. They try to achieve enlightenment to realize their full potential and help those in need.

When you develop this kind of selfless attitude, you focus less on your personal issues. You become less emotional about the little things and your mind becomes calmer.

This is called inner decluttering: making room for others and letting go of selfish habits.

N ° 3 / Meditate, A LOT

Habitude Bouddhiste Univers Bouddha 3

One of the main reasons you become a monk is to have more time to meditate. Most monks get up early and meditate for 1 to 3 hours and postpone that after dark . This kind of practice changes the state of mind and the perception of things. If you've read our article on Benefits of Meditation , you will see exactly what we are talking about.

Without adopting this kind of rigorous and restrictive schedule, what would happen if you started the day with 30 minutes of meditation?

N ° 4 / Follow the wise

Habitude Bouddhiste Univers Bouddha 4

In western society we don't have a very good image of our elders. Buddhist monks consider that the elderly have wisdom . They are looking for older Spirit Guides who can help them on their path to enlightenment.

If you look around, there will always be insightful people you can learn from. Older people have more experience, which allows them to offer countless life lessons.

N ° 5 / Listen carefully and without judgment

Habitude Bouddhiste Univers Bouddha 5

Our brains naturally judge others. But according to Buddhists, the purpose of communication is to help others and ourselves to suffer less.

Criticizing and judging obviously does not help.

The wonderful thing about mindfulness is that it is non-judgmental . The main goal of conscious communication is to take in everything someone says without evaluating it.

It leads to more mutual respect, understanding and chances of progress in the conversation

N ° 6 / Change is the only law of the universe

Habitude Bouddhiste Univers Bouddha 6

According to Buddhist master Suzuki , a crucial principle that we all need to learn is to embrace change:
"Without accepting the fact that everything changes, we cannot find perfect calm. But unfortunately, even if this is true, it is difficult for us to accept it. Since we cannot accept the truth of the ephemeral. , we are suffering. "

Everything changes, it is the fundamental law of the universe . Yet we find it difficult to accept it. We identify strongly with our physical appearance, our body and our personality. And when that does change, you suffer.
Habitude Bouddhiste Univers Bouddha Suzuki

However, Suzuki says that we can overcome this by recognizing that the content of our minds is constantly changing. Everything about consciousness comes and goes. Achieving this in the heat of the moment can allay fear, anxiety, anger, or despair. For example, it's hard to stay angry when you see anger for what it really is . This is why Zen teaches that the present moment is all there is.

Suzuki says, "Whatever you do, it should be an expression of deep activity. We should enjoy what we are doing. There is no preparation for anything else"

N ° 7 / Live in the present moment

As humans, it can be difficult to simply embrace the present moment like enjoying delicious tea in a cup Asian typical. We always tend to dwell on past events or worry about what the future holds. Our mind can naturally drift.

Mindfulness encourages us to refocus. Practicing mindfulness allows us to better redirect our thoughts to what we are really engaged in.
Without judging ourselves as we got lost in our thoughts, we simply recognize that we have lost our attention and focus on our senses or on any task we are engaged in.

It takes discipline , but this is what we have to do if we are to be present for the miracles of life.

N ° 8 / Focus on one thing

This is a simple point, but it underscores an essential aspect of Buddhist philosophy.

Buddhist monks learn to focus on one thing at a time. Whatever it's happening in your present moment, give it your full attention.

When we multitask, we often feel like we're doing more. Yet it has been scientifically shown that the brain does not cope with multitasking well. In reality, the quality of your multitasking work is not as high.

If you can by focusing like a Buddhist monk and refocusing on one thing at a time, you will be more engaged in what you are doing and feel a soothing inner peace and calm.

N ° 9 / Give all you have

When you do something, embrace it in all aspects of you.

It's not about becoming a workaholic, creating stress for yourself and the people around you.

Focus instead on the present moment with a sense of peace and sustained focus.

After all, we live in the 'time T .There is nowhere else to go, nothing else to do Give your very best in what you do and the results will pay off.

N ° 10 / Let go of what you cannot control

Letting go of things you can't control is a big part of how Buddhist monks live their lives.

When you realize how everything is impermanent, you start to let go and enjoy life for what it is right now.

The opposite of life is to get attached to things and never give up.
But life doesn't work that way. Everything changes over time.

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