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Bouddhisme : quel bouddha êtes-vous ?

Buddhism: which buddha are you?

You might not know it! Buddhism stands out from other beliefs by its many peculiarities. Among which, it is possible to observe several different statues of the model (Buddha) in the same temple. Likewise, the image or position of the latter may change depending on the days of the week and represents each person.

For those who do not know, the different positions taken by these statues are not risky. Indeed, they have a special meaning and are used differently. Among their multiple uses, we note the one that refers to a day of the week and indexes each of us. Hence our interest in answering the question which buddha are you ?

How do I know which Buddha I am?

Knowing which Buddha you represent or which position of the Buddha embodies you the best is quite simple. However, note that it depends on the contexts. According to many works, one can refer to a Buddha according to many criteria. In particular, his behavior; his way of acting; his day of birth…

For the first two criteria, the easiest way to find out which Buddha you are is to take a poll. For the third criterion, namely the one that takes into account the day of birth , nothing could be simpler. In fact, you first need to find what day of the week you were born s and see the position of the Buddha that suits you later.

01 - The Sunday Buddha (Pang Thawai net - Seven Days Looking)

The position of buddha on Sunday is quite simple. Indeed, just after having attained enlightenment, Siddhartha Gautama positioned himself in front of the tree of Gaya Bodh. He spent 7 days there without moving while admiring the sacred tree. Note, however, that her hands were crossed in front of her waist with her left hand under her right hand.

If you were born on a Sunday, you are a calm and respectable being . In addition, you are endowed with wisdoms and you love your loved ones. Luckily, Wednesday is your best day and Friday your worst. Green color brings you luck unlike blue color.

02 - The Monday Buddha (Pang Ham Yati - Pacifying the parents)

As shown in the picture, on Monday, the Buddha is still standing with this time his right hand raised to shoulder height. As for the left hand, it is along the body. This position was taken by Siddhartha Gautama when he returned home and found his relative discussing the water of their land. The latter convinced them to find a compromise.

As a meaning, it symbolizes the peacemaker Buddha. Therefore, people born on this day love travel and have good memory . In addition, they are serious and calm! As for luck, Saturday and black are to be preferred, unlike Sunday and the orange color which are to be avoided.

03 - The Tuesday Buddha (Pang Sai Yat - Nirvana Realizing)

As shown in the picture, the Buddha is reclining on Tuesday. Which symbolizes not being afraid of evil! As a result, people who are born on this day are endowed with impressive courage and great seriousness . Usually, they are active and hardworking. Their lucky day is Thursday and yellow is their lucky color. As for bad luck, Monday and white are not a good sign.

04 - The Wednesday Buddha (Pang Umbat)

On Wednesday, the Buddha posture is similar to that on Sunday! However, he holds an alms bowl in his hands.If you were born on Wednesday morning, you are probably very polite; quite creative; and emotional! As for luck, Wednesday evening and green are privileged unlike pink and Tuesday

On the other hand, if you were born in the evening, you are honest and you like to eat with the sweat of your brow. In addition, your lucky day is Monday, your lucky color is white! As for bad luck, Thursday and yellow are yours.

05 - The Thursday Buddha (Pang Samti - The Buddha in meditation)

On Thursday, the Buddha is in a seated position with his feet crossed. As for the hands, they are also crossed above the feet with the right hand in the left hand. This position of Siddhartha Gautama represents the one before his enlightenment. Indeed, it is generally used to perform deep meditation .

As for the people who were born on this day, you are peaceful, calm and fairly honest beings. Orange brings you luck and your lucky day is Sunday. When it comes to bad luck, dark and Saturday should be avoided.

06 - Friday Buddha (Pang Ram Pueng - Contemplating Buddha)

On Friday, the image of the Buddha is in a standing position before both hands crossed on the chest. Here the left hand is below the right. This position was taken under the sacred tree when Siddhartha Gautama decided to give up Dharma teaching .

For people who are born on this day of the week, you are quite ambitious and friendly! You are not afraid of being crazy and you are naturally cheerful. Luckily, we talk a lot more about the color pink and Tuesday. As for bad luck, it is linked to Wednesday and the color light green.

07 - The Saturday Buddha (Pang Nak Prok - Protected by King Naga)

Finally, people born on Saturday are represented by the Buddha sitting in the position of meditation. Here, one can observe the coiled body of the "Nagas" which protects Siddhartha Gautama during his meditation . If you are that day of the week, you are a calm being; quite logical and fully engaged in what it does! When it comes to luck, blue and Friday are your symbols. In contrast, we have green and Wednesday brings you bad luck.

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