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Qui est Bouddha ? Son Histoire l Faits Marquants

Who is Buddha? Its Story l Highlights

Who is Buddha? All about the Buddhist god

Whether in a movie; on the Internet ; or even in the media, we have at least once heard of the Buddha . Considered "the god" and the founder of Buddhism, he is now idolized by many believers. Although the word buddha is easily linked to the Japanese statuette which you are no doubt familiar with; many exciting things remain to be discovered about the life of this being.

In other words, Who is really Buddha ? Where was he born ? Who are his parents, his wife, his children…? What did he do special to get this "supreme" title of Buddha? Or what is its story in summary? If you want the answers to each of these questions, you are on the right page. Indeed, we invite you to discover in the following, everything you need to know about the Buddha.

Who is Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama)?

Real name Siddhartha Gautama , Buddha is a young prince of the Sakyas clan in Japan. Born and lived between the 6th and 5th centuries AD according to many sources, He is a spiritual leader currently considered the father of Buddhism . Across the world, this supreme being is known by different names, the most popular of which are Shakyamuni ("sage of the Śākyas"); the Awakened ; the Buddha

The peculiarity of this historical character has been felt since his birth. Indeed, her mother Maya who was the queen of the clan had a rather particular dream before her childbirth. In this dream, she saw an elephant with 6 trunks enter her from the right side to possess her body.

Once this dream was told to the religious, they interpreted it as the coming of a future king who was different from the others. Indeed, he was either to be the strongest of all time , or the greatest ascetic (holy man who lives without ego) ever known.

Later, Maya decided to go to her father's place to give birth so she could have better follow-up! However, this will not happen, as the child decides to come out of her womb on the way. More precisely in the garden of Lumbini (considered today as a sacred place).

Unlike other children who are born with the help of helpers, the Buddha was born in a garden and without special help. As he emerged from his mother's womb, he took 7 steps in each direction and announced his mission ("I will have no future life to endure, this is my very last incarnation. Now may I destroy and pull up the stumps cause of the suffering of successive rebirths ”).

After this declaration, Queen Maya lost her life 7 days later. Thus leaving the care of her child to her sister ( Mahaprajapati ).

What are the origins of the Buddhist god (his family)

Buddha is basically a prince, because he was born following the union of a noble of the Brahamanic clan in the name of Shuddhodana . The only son of this nobleman and his wife Maya, Gautama received all the love in the world from his father. As an adult, the young prince married the minister's daughter named Nanda. The union of the latter resulted in an only son who was nicknamed Rahula.

Some highlights from the life of the Buddha

If one thing most influenced the future of this prince, it was his father's love for him. Indeed, the latter wanted for his son a perfect life (he said: without any form of suffering possible). For this, he did not allow his child to cross the fences of the palace.

Within his barriers, the young prince was safe from want.He had everything he wanted and believed that everyone lived alike Although he always wanted to discover the outside world, it was not possible under his father's instructions.

At the age of 7, Siddhartha Gautama goes to the princes' school, where a master delicately teaches him the sixty-four arts that are usually taught to princes his age. Although at this age nothing extraordinary had been observed in the youngster, the consequences of his " luxury imprisonment " will not be long in coming.

Indeed, the desire to discover the outside began to haunt the Buddha (remember that he was not called that at that time). Since he couldn't give orders above his father's, he began to develop some frustration. Indeed, he avoided talking to people, he seemed anxious, he took refuge most of the time between the walls of his room , etc.

The discovery of the outside by Siddhartha Gautama

At the age of 29, when he could not bear the urge any longer, he asked his closest servant to accompany him out of the palace. Although the latter initially refused, his affection for the young prince prompted him to accept.

The first voyage of Siddhartha Gautama

So it was that one night, while the vast majority of the castle was asleep, the Buddha and his servant Channa took a chariot and ran away. Once out of the enclosures, Siddhartha Gautama will discover new things that he never imagined existed .

First he saw old and weak people, the sick, the dead and the hungry. Each time, he questioned his servant to find out what was going on with the person. His servant explained to him the lack of each person : which did not leave him indifferent.

Once back at the palace, legend has it that the Buddha became even quieter than before. Indeed, he understood one thing: he could avoid famine; and other ailments; but never old age; sickness and death.

The Buddha’s Second Journey Outdoors

For the second time, the two men have decided to reoffend on leaving the palace, still at the request of Siddharth . Outside, the prince saw a holy man in a robe wandering around. The prince approached the gentleman and asked him why he had put himself in such a deplorable condition.

The man spoke, saying, " I am terrified of the conditions in this world. Currently, I am seeking freedom of spirit in order to achieve the blessed state. Where there is no suffering, no old age, no disease, and where life is eternal. ".

Back home, the man who will become the future Buddha made a decision: to give up everything and follow a new destiny. So, at nightfall, he kissed his wife and son before leaving the castle for the third time.

The new life of Siddhartha Gautama

Once outside the palace, he asked his servant to accompany him into the forest! Once away from his premises, he shaved his head with his sword, wore a yellow robe, and asked his guard to come home and tell his family he won't be coming back.

At this time, the future Buddha began to roam northern India for a few years before settling on the edge of the Nairannjana (a river where he could meditate quietly).After 10 years of spending all his time meditating and eating only what was needed for a living, he found he was not achieving the arousal he wanted

However, the young man did not despair and continued to lose weight. Many temptations wanted to divert him from his thought, but without success. One day Siddhartha Gautama reaches a state never experienced before.

Indeed, he discovers at bottom a state of existence known as Nirvana (paradise) ! In this state, there is no form of suffering, life is eternal ... Exactly what he would have wished for the rest of his life. At this moment, the young prince becomes the Buddha which means " The enlightened or the awakened ".

However, beyond all expectations, he doesn't just stay that way. According to him, sharing it with the ignorant would be a great pride. So he decides to come back to the world and share his experience and his visions with those who would believe him: what formed present-day Buddhism.

Who is Buddha? What to remember

It's over for this article on the subject who is buddha ! Now you have a clearer idea of ​​this character and a summary of his journey. Finally, know that Buddha is not an extra being as you might think. Indeed, although he is considered a god in Buddhist philosophy, he remains a being who fought for enlightenment.

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