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CHRISTMAS: -15% with the code NOELZEN
CHRISTMAS: -15% with the code NOELZEN
Univers Bouddha, La boutique Bouddha de référence !

Univers Bouddha, The reference Buddha store!

The story of the Buddha store: Buddha universe

For several years, the site has established itself as the undisputed reference for Buddha shops and we have received a lot of questions about the way the Univers Bouddha ecosystem.

The boutique Bouddha , Univers Bouddha, is a long-lasting project that began to germinate in the minds of two travel lovers, Marie and Hugo, in 2011 following a roadtrip in Nepal.

Univers Bouddha présentation

During their travels, they were captivated by the beauty of the Buddhist temples including that of Lumbini , a village considered by many to be the traditional birthplace by Siddhartha Gautama, the historical Buddha.

Lumbini temple

On their return, their heads full of memories, they decided to introduce this culture to as many people as possible through a blog recounting this journey.
But words being just words, readers could only imagine the wonderful images told here.

2016, creation of a online Buddha store !

Sculpture à la main statue bouddha

In 2016, after a few months of preparation, the Boutique Bouddha , Univers Bouddha, was born. Its objective is to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy Tibetan, Indian, Nepalese, Thai and more generally Asian crafts by offering objects bearing the image of the Buddha, handmade.

The keys to its success?

  • A range of artisanal products of unparalleled quality.
  • A team on a human scale.
  • Dedicated and responsive customer service.
  • Passion for Asian Buddhist culture!

Buddha universe, presentation:

Boutique Bouddha Univers Bouddha

The Buddha Blog

Univers Bouddha is not just a Buddha shop , its primary goal is information, sharing, discovery of the Buddha.
For this, Univers Bouddha offers a blog, the Bouddha Blog , filled with information and stories about the Buddha and more generally about Buddhism.

  • Why do Buddhists shave their heads?
  • Do Buddhists celebrate Christmas?
  • The Swastika symbol, Buddhist Cross or Nazi Cross?

So many questions that will be answered in the Buddha Universe Buddha Blog.

Le Bouddha blog

Boutique Bouddha d'Univers Bouddha: The collections

The Boutique Bouddha of Univers Bouddha offers a multitude of products bearing the effigy of different Buddhas, Bodhisattva or Buddhist monks but also famous Buddhist symbols such as the Bodhi tree or tree of life , the "OM" symbol Om mani padme hum and more.

It can be difficult to navigate despite our efforts to set up the Boutique Bouddha as well as possible.
Here is a quick overview of Univers Bouddha products, follow the guide!

A- The Buddha decorations:

Décoration Bouddha univers Bouddha

Recreating a Zen and Feng Shui atmosphere at home is now possible thanks to our Zen decorations.
The boutique Bouddha currently offers 3 types of interior decoration products and a lot of more are to come.

1 ° / The Buddha Statues

Statues Bouddha

The flagship collection of our boutique Buddha is that of Buddha statues.
Head of Buddha, seated Buddha, Amitabha or laughing Buddha (discover the story Chinese Buddha ), little Buddhist monk or large Buddha, in sandalwood, natural wood or stone Buddha for the Zen garden.

The choice for your Buddha statuette is wide and we are expanding it every week by adding a new sculpture.

2 ° / The Buddha incense holders

Porte encens bouddha

Our boutique Buddha is particularly proud of this collection of backflow incense burners
The principle of these Buddha incense holders is based on "Black Flow" cones. Pierced at their bases, they let the smoke escape from below, thus forming a spellbinding waterfall effect that rests like clouds at the foot of the Himalayas.

Here too, the choice is great. Buddha with the right hand or the left hand raised, Tibetan monks practicing martial arts, everything is there to please you.

3 ° / The Buddha Paintings

Tableaux bouddha

The Buddha paintings are yet another way to decorate your interior, five or four piece paintings, triptych or single, they are delivered on cotton and linen canvases, our "Canvas" prints are a world reference that gives an appearance canvas painting.

Bright colors or black and white, from lotus flower to bamboo, we have carefully selected the best artists to bring you an unparalleled choice.

B- The Buddha Jewelry

Bijoux Bouddha Because you can't walk everywhere with your Buddha statue under your arm, Univers Bouddha's boutique Buddha offers jewelry bearing the effigy of different figures and symbols of Buddhism.
As for the decorations, this Buddha jewelry collection is divided into 3 parts.

1 ° / The Buddha pendant necklaces

Pendentifs Bouddha

The Boutique Bouddha also offers Buddha necklaces and pendants which are a simple way to carry your spiritual beliefs with you or simply to display a zen and natural look.

From the laughing Buddha to the historic Buddha to Bodhisattvas, the range is wide, not to mention the materials. For example, we find green or white jade stone, the famous tiger eye stone or solid silver pendants, there is something for all tastes and all budgets!

2 ° / The Buddha Rings

Bagues Bouddha

More discreet than a necklace, the boutique Buddha showcases Buddha rings. They will also allow you to keep close to you the values ​​of Buddhism thanks to our rings engraved with the different mantras.

3 ° / The Buddha Bracelets

Bracelets Bouddha

To close the Jewelry collection of the boutique Bouddha , let me present our bracelets to you. All made by hand, we offer leather bracelets, wooden beads or glass bead bracelet.
Some Buddha bracelets are made of semi-precious stone, black Agate, Obsidian, Jasper, Turquoise or lava stone to name a few.

C- The Buddha Tattoos

Tatouage Bouddha

The latest collection in the Boutique Bouddha is centered around temporary tattoos of the Buddha.

We love to change it once or twice a month because as the Buddha said " There is nothing constant except change." Being able to proudly display our values directly on our skin without undergoing the final appearance of a classic tattoo is therefore essential for us.

Dive into the Buddha shop

If you've made it this far, it's probably that the Univers Bouddha store interests you, to thank you for your trust, the Buddha himself has a surprise for you!

Code promotionnel Univers Bouddha Take advantage of 15% additional discounts exclusively reserved for readers of the blog of our Boutique Bouddha by using the code "BOUDDHABLOG".

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