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Où placer une statue de Bouddha? Les règles Feng Shui à suivre

Where to place a Buddha statue? Feng Shui rules to follow

Where to place a Buddha statue ? Feng Shui rules to follow

Placing Buddha statue in your home can attract positive Chi energy , they are very popular in Feng Shui. There are, however, a few rules to follow if you do not want to offend the Buddha .
Make sure to follow these instructions and you will soon reap the blessings of a grateful Feng Shui Buddha.

Feng Shui rules for the placement of Buddha

Hold the Buddha at a height at least equal to eye level. Indeed, looking down on a deity from a height is considered rude and irreverent.

Also avoid placing it too close to your electrical equipment , this disturbs the surrounding energy.

Ou placer une statue Bouddha

No Buddha in the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen!

When placing a statue of Buddha (or any other deity for that matter), make sure that the place is a place of reverence . This implies that you should never place the Buddha in your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen.

The front door must face Buddha

The most eminent Feng Shui consultants recommend to place the Buddha in front of the main door of your house on a table about 80cm high. This location allows Buddha to interact with the Chi energy flowing through you. This strategic position allows the Buddha statue to neutralize any negative Chi and transform it into positive energy.

The Buddha in the living room

The Buddha is also very comfortable in the living room, always keeping in mind that he has to face the front door.

The Buddha to study

The Buddha is selfless, he can help you revise. Placed on your desk, it will release an energy conducive to achieving your goals.

The Buddha in business

For those who want a touch of Zen at work, placing a Buddha statue at the reception can help bring success and prosperity to your business.

Ou placer une statue Bouddha jardin

The Buddha in a meditation garden

A meditation garden is an ideal place for a statue of Buddha . One of the most popular poses is the meditation Buddha.

The Buddha on an Altar

If you are a Buddhist then you will probably already have an altar; Just make sure you place this altar in a place that is suitable for reflection and meditation.

The Buddha for Yoga

If you practice Yoga, then surely you have a room or a place devoted to your exercise. This is a great place for a Buddha statue but don't forget the first rule! No Buddha below eye level.

The laughing Buddha in the house

While the opinions of Feng Shui experts may differ on the best location for a Buddha statue, one thing that brings them all together is that the Laughing Buddha statue makes a wonderful addition to any interior!

It can be difficult to have a Feng Shui living environment, but buying a Laughing Buddha statue is definitely the easiest thing to put together.

This particular Buddha represents both the joy of life and wealth, he is also sometimes called the Buddha of happiness.

The laughing Buddha and the money

Happy and happy, the laughing Buddha is in a way the Father Christmas of the universe .He is round, smiling and on the Feng Shui side, he does not come empty-handed!
Next time you go to a Chinese restaurant, pay attention to the decoration, there is a good chance that you will see this happy Buddha. and smiling proudly standing near the cash register

The laughing Buddha "Wu Lou"

The most popular representation of the laughing Buddha, it represents the laughing Buddha with a "Wu Lou" , this hourglass-shaped gourd is a carrier of good health and longevity. Ideally placed in the eastern part of your house to increase the luck and the perceptives of those close to you.

The laughing Buddha with 5 children

This laughing Buddha features five children climbing on the happy Buddha. It is one of the most popular performances for all those who wish to instill this love of children and childhood in general.
An obvious placement for this statue is the West of your house (which represents luck for your descendants) to bring happiness and wealth to your children.

Buddha statues and Feng Shui in summary

If you want to place a Buddha statue in your home, for decoration or for a more spiritual side, make sure that the materials are energetically compatible.
For example, a metal Buddha placed in the northern part of your house is a perfect choice. The same statue placed in the east will have no beneficial results. The metal in a wooden environment can even harm the different energies since it cuts the harmony of the wood.
Avoid placing a Buddha statue on the ground as it is considered very disrespectful.
If you go for a laughing Buddha, consider rubbing his belly, many people indeed claim that rubbing the belly of the Buddha every day will bring good luck and prosperity to everyone in your household.

Buddha statues for all inspirations

Small or large, porcelain or wood, there are Buddha statues for all inspirations. Here you will find the most beautiful statues to proudly display at home to add a Feng Shui and spiritual touch.

Collections statues bouddha

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