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Explication : L'habit ne fait pas le moine /  L'habit ne fait pas l'homme

Explanation: The clothes do not make the monk / The clothes do not make the man

Some people like to wear flashy clothes. But it is not wise to judge a man only by the clothes he wears. There are crooks who dress well and cheat on others. They make a good impression on the public by wearing trendy clothes.

These crooks also have the ability to speak with gentleness and conviction. But they are doing all of this for the sole purpose of deceiving. It is therefore dangerous to put a man in confidence only by his outward appearance.

How to detect good men?

Really good and tall men are usually dressed plainly. They don't need to impress others with stylish, flashy clothes. They impress others simply by their greatness . Good qualities and talents are always manifested through clothes, whether beautiful or shabby. If you want a bracelet with a minimalist style that is at the same time very elegant, discover the brass bracelets with breathtaking properties.

Many great Indian and European personalities were simple men who dressed simply. On the other hand, even if a man who doesn't really have any abilities or character dresses elegantly, his character traits are clearly revealed to people.

So it really is a man's kindness and moral strength that count. By wearing the habit of a monk, one does not become a monk. It is his mental attitude and his character that makes him a monk and not the robe he wears.

One of the first lessons of the monastery is: "The habit does not make the monk."

Why? People are easily distracted by sacred clothes , nice shoes , tailored clothes and luxury cars . White collar criminals who use their position of trust to commit crimes against children depend on it. They need children and the public to be easily distracted.

Don't be distracted by a monk's garment, a doctor's white coat, or a doctor's black robe. judge. By putting on a habit one is not instantly imbued with wisdom and understanding . Rather, it is the result of years of listening , prayer , reflection and learning to recognize the wolf disguised as a sheep.

How to get closer to the good man or the monk?

Why am I talking about this?

Recently my eyes have been opened to other versions of the white collar crime that I know as " Confessional Solicitation ". The "confessional solicitation" - to put it simply - is abuse of power by the confessor over the penitent .

Apparently this kind of crime does not not limited to Catholicism.

Very recently, it was discovered that a rabbi used the Mikvah - the ritual bath - to film the faithful without distrust . In the age of the internet and file sharing, you have to worry about those who are filmed without knowing it .

Even more recently, Hollywood has reminded us that actors can and do use their star power and the craving of unsuspecting minors to rise to fame, to marry, to sexually abuse and coerce them into silence.

We must remain vigilant and put children first. Habit does not make the monk.

Other quotes supporting "The dress does not make the monk" or "The dress does not make the man"

  • Compare "Clothes don't make a man" and "You can't judge a book by its cover" Richard Orlando, Westmount, Quebec, Canada
  • - "Watch before you jump" and "Continue anyway". Philip Stigger, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
  • - "The more the merrier, the more we laugh" and "Two, there are many. Stephen D Shenfield, Providence, Rhode Island, United States
  • Great minds think alike "and" fools are seldom different ". Gillian Brodie, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • - "Absence makes the heart softer." “Out of sight, out of heart.” R M Fransson, Wheat Ridge, Colorado, USA
  • "Procrastination is the thief of time"
  • "More rush, less speed"
  • "A point in time saves nine"
  • "Fools rush where angels are afraid to venture".
  • "Knowledge is power."
  • “Ignorance is bliss.” David Tucker, Halle, Germany
  • "Give as much as you can" as opposed to "Turn the other cheek". Wendy O'Brien, Alvhem, Sweden
  • - "Every cloud has a bright side." “Every rose has a thorn.” Donna Samoyloff, Toronto, Canada
  • There is a limit to how long you can sit on a hot stove, but not how long you can sit on a park bench next to a beautiful woman. Reiner Jaakson , Oakville, Ontario, Canada

"Clothes make a man ... naked people have little or no influence in society."

If we attribute this famous quote from the great American bard Mark Twain , the sentiment roots of this phrase go back to Shakespeare's Hamlet and is uttered by Polonius in Laertes.


We also heard the end of that speech from the first one, which gives us this timeless advice: " Be true to yourself ". Those are two invaluable tips that have lasted nearly five hundred years, and it's not just because they're catchy slogans like " Where's the beef ?" or " Can you hear me now ?

These are timeless truths which touch on the very essence of the human being and, more precisely, what it means for me to be a man .

I have been in countless situations where I felt incredibly uncomfortable, and whatever the circumstances was because I was not being honest about who I was, and that I was doing something for the good of someone else.

We've all done it: trying to impress a girl, new friends, a potential model. But it wasn't natural, and you ended up sounding like an idiot, or worse, betraying some of your values ​​ for someone else's approval. Be true to yourself .

In conclusion

Clothes CAN make the man, yes. But it's the man inside inside the costume that gives it its spark. The car (until recently) does not drive itself. The bridge does not make arches and does not cross a river. Blood is not necessarily a part of the family. And clothes don't make a man . It's the gift inside the box and the beautiful packaging that counts. We are the masters of our destinies . The captains of our soul, and the carriers of our clothes.But we are not coat racks

The habit does not make the monk in English

In English, the quote L'habit de fait pas le moine is: the habit does not make the monk

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