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Différence entre Bouddhisme et Christianisme

Difference between Buddhism and Christianity

The founders of Buddhism and of Christianity both started with an individual founder. That being said, there are significant differences between these two religions and the way their followers view them.

Buddha and Jesus

To begin with, (traditional) Buddhists believe that Gautama became the Buddha . He was fully human without any divinity. Christians, on the other hand, believe that Jesus was both human and fully divine. The Buddha was born into a life of luxury, living in a palace. Whereas Jesus was born in an environment where he did not enjoy this worldly comfort. Through intense personal effort, the Buddha achieved enlightenment: spiritual perfection.

At first glance, it would be impossible to find two religions more different than Buddhism and Christianity . Christians believe that there is a God, while Buddhism does not. The Buddha showed the way, while Jesus said he was the way. Buddhism doesn't tell you to believe in something, it's a technology of the mind as much as a religion.

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The divinity of religion

The divinity of Jesus was born by the action of God the Father . Jesus is also revered as unique, without equal. While Gautama was part of a long series of Buddhas, past and future. Although the distinction is far from absolute, Buddhism relies on individual efforts to achieve enlightenment . While Christianity places great emphasis on the role of God's grace in the lives of men.

Traditional Buddhism is a religion marked by individual effort. While the salvation of Christians centers on the grace of God. For Catholics, both faith and works or actions are important for salvation.

The precepts and commandments

Both Christianity and Buddhism offer their followers a concise list of moral guidelines: the Ten Commandments for Christianity and the Five Precepts for Buddhism. A key difference between the two lists, as you would expect, is that several of the Ten Commandments deal with how people are to behave with God. Christianity is a religion of storytelling, prophecy, human failure, and human glory. The Bible is a book of stories about mankind's relationship with God.

The precepts do not contain similar guidelines, because Buddhism is not a monotheistic faith. Another essential difference is that the Commandments are considered to have been given by God. The precepts function more as guidelines for those seeking enlightenment. Buddhism asks more, but also less, of its followers. More, because there is so much to learn, and less, because there is so little self-criticism.

Two Different Religions

Many Christians have explored Buddhist perspectives with appreciation. These explorations pose many questions for reflection. How consistently can a Christian accept Buddhist views? Does it make sense for someone to claim to be both a Buddhist and a Christian? While a number of Christians describe themselves as practicing both Buddhism and Christianity, some critics, both Buddhists and Christians. It is far difficult if not impossible to follow these two very distinct religions.

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