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Prières bouddhistes : comment prier bouddha correctement ?

Buddhist prayers: how to pray to Buddha correctly?

One thing is certain, Buddhism is one of the beliefs with the most number of peculiarities. Indeed, whether at the level of their " god "; of their worship rooms; or even of prayer itself, there are quite remarkable distinctions: prayer being the perfect example . Therefore, in this article we have decided to focus on Buddhist prayer: in particular how to pray to Buddha correctly. Do you want to create an atmosphere inspired by the world of Buddhism in your room? Discover our collection of Buddha Incense Holders to achieve this.

Indeed, unlike other religions, the Buddhist does not pray to a heavenly god or even an external entity. Likewise, there are not many obligatory prayers! But beware, the fact that this is not a theistic religion does not exclude the application of prayer. For those who do not know it, “prayer” in Buddhism remains an essential step in obtaining spiritual , mental, and even emotional balance.

If you want to know more about this topic and learn how to pray to buddha; We first suggest that you answer the question who do you pray for when you are a Buddhist ? Then, why do we do it before ending with the question how to pray to Buddha .

Who do we pray to as a Buddhist?

As we said above, Buddhism does not worship any god! Although the figure put forward is that of Shakyamouni (the Buddha) who is considered to be the bearer of this belief; he is not the one who grants the prayers. Indeed, every Buddhist has within him the Buddha nature that he must follow in order to accomplish his spiritual path.

In most cases, this is just the path we should follow and pray for his help. However, since the world around us is quite relative, there are supports to take as a way to better manage our meditation. They are 03 in number:

01 - The three jewels

When we talk about the three jewels in Buddhist , it is about the three united forces which allow access to nirvana (liberation from suffering and obtaining wisdom). Usually they are represented by: the buddha; Dharma and Sangha . Thus, when one calls oneself a Buddhist, one can pray to Buddha by targeting each of these refugees.

When choosing the Buddha as a way of prayer, the goal is to ask that all sentient beings understand and accept the great way with firm determination. In other words, it is the refuge that embodies the wisdom and awakening of every believer.

When it comes to Dharma, it is about asking to increase the vastness of the intelligence of every being. Usually, this is the gem that teaches the truth and ultimate reality about suffering and its liberation .

Finally, we can appeal to the third refuge of Sangha to ask for a perfect harmony between the believers. Overall, this is a path that can help eliminate a lot of discrimination.

02 - The archetypes

In addition to the previous figures or paths, it is also possible to pray to Buddha by following the archetypes of quality that we wish to develop in us. Usually it is the Ydams or detainees as is the case of Chenrezig for compassion .

To sum up, Buddhism allows certain models to be prayed to ask for a particular blessing.In this belief, the archetypes can be counted in large numbers and must be mastered according to the grievances one wishes to have

03 - spiritual guides

Finally, it is also possible to pray to Buddha by imploring certain spiritual guides. Usually the guides are descendants of an authentic lineage from the Buddha which has evolved uninterruptedly. So as not to be confused with "other Buddhas", this is the first Buddha or the founding father of Buddhist thought (Sakyamuni) .

In other words, these role models are seen as a source of inspiration and blessing that positively influences the spiritual life of believers.

Note : To close with this part, note that the three supports above can be the source of most of our spiritual accomplishments. Although it works independently, it is also possible to pray to them at the same time.

Why is prayer essential in Buddhism?

Buddhist prayer is strict! Indeed, unlike other religions where one can pray for whatever one wishes, the situation is not the same for the followers of the Buddha. In this belief, prayer must have two specific purposes:

  • Either pray to Buddha for his own good
  • Or, Pray Buddha for all beings

How to pray to Buddha correctly?

There are a total of four ways to pray like a Buddha.

  • Externally

Nothing new here! As in most religions and traditions, it is enough to bring the hands to the level of the heart and recite or sing a text. Note that the heart is considered in Buddhist prayer as the seat of the spirit.

  • Inside

Internally, you focus more on the internal energy. Here it is enough to pray with devotion and concentration.

  • Secretly

Secretly, prayer is a bit more complicated. Indeed, a guide must first initiate you to this type of prayer. Generally, you must free yourself from the triplicity : the subject who prays; the object or figure to be prayed for; and also the act of praying in itself.

  • Ultimately

The ultimate Buddhist prayer represents deep and true meditation. Here you have to get yourself in the right conditions and take enough time to meditate well inside you.

How to pray as a Buddhist? The steps to follow

When considering how to pray to Buddha, it is important to know the essential steps. Although there are several ways to achieve spiritual goals , the classic way can be summed up in two steps namely:

01 - Preparation of mind and body

Before beginning your prayer, it is important to take a position suitable for concentration. In most cases, you need take a deep breath to clear your mind and pay attention. Then sit down, fold your arms in front of your heart, and close your eyes.

Once that is done, free yourself from all external thoughts and conjure up happy beings within you. Imagine that you are a being of love and happiness, that you are benevolent and full of peace. Relax and let your inner Buddha speak to you during prayer.

02 - The chanting of mantras

A mantra in Buddhism is simply a relatively short sentence that is often repeated before the start of the Buddha prayer Although each of its sentences has a meaning, he does not have to know it in order to complete his prayer. . Indeed, the simple sound of his sentences allows you to concentrate and create a vacuum around you.

In the whole of this religion, there are many mantras that you can learn by heart by listening to audio recordings. However, here are the three most used:

  • Om Mani Padme Hum (om mané pad mé houm in French pronunciation)

This phrase is usually repeated several times to pay homage to the lotus jewel.

  • Om Amideva Hrih (om ami dehva re in French pronunciation)

As for the latter, it means overcoming all obstacles and obstacles in life.

  • Om A Ra Pa Ca Na Dhih

With this other mantra, you will acquire wisdom, the power of good writing and also critical reasoning. Do not hesitate to download the recordings of these songs to keep up with the rhythm of the performance.

Note : The order in which these mantras are recited and the number of repetitions are not chosen at random. Indeed, there is a necklace of the " Tibetan mala " which allows you to orient yourself during your prayer. Therefore, do not hesitate to acquire this object in order to pray well as a Buddha.

Also, note that the three stages of prayer listed above do not represent all of the stages of true prayer. Usually, they are accompanied by many other prayers to be recited to help you in depth and to help those close to you.

Buddhist prayers: what to remember

This is the end of this article on how to pray to buddha ! Here you must remember one thing: Buddhism considers prayer to be a spiritual process that is quite important for the life of every being. As is already the case in many religions, it is possible to pray differently depending on the evil or the balance one wishes to acquire.

However, unlike other so-called theistic religions, Buddhism does not worship or pray to a celestial being. The most important thing here for believers is to attain nirvana and move away from the sufferings of the world.

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