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Tatouages Bouddha : Signification

Buddha Tattoos: Meaning

Buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world in terms of practicing and although the number of followers is not increasing as rapidly as the other major religions, the millions of people who practice have a significant influence around the world.

The tattoos of Buddha may be directly linked to the origins of this religion and although Buddha himself was discouraging any As representative symbols, many people proudly display these works of art!

Tatouage Bouddha 1

The appearance of Buddhist symbols

The first Buddhist symbols according to archaeological evidence date from 250 BC. J.-C . and can be attributed to Hindu King Ashoka , who lived in Sarnath, India.

His devotion to the Buddha is said to have given rise to most of the symbols and images associated with Buddhism today.

Tatouage Bouddha 2

However, it was not until the year 100 BC. The popular image of Buddha that is depicted in tattoos came into being. Although at first some of his followers were skeptical of this image, it ended up being be accepted as the standard image of the Buddha.

Some artists try to give it different variations, but they still maintain that unique look that every Buddha tattoo should have.

Tatouage Bouddha 3

The meaning of Buddha tattoos

If you are a practicing Buddhist, or if you find yourself in the philosophy that Buddha taught then these tattoos may have some symbolic meaning for you.

Although most people assume that these tattoos have a general meaning (that they are an indication of Buddhist practice), this is not true.

Tatouage Bouddha 4

In reality, these tattoos can have many different meanings. So, before deciding on yours, do some good research.

Each Buddhist tattoo has its own meaning, for example, Lotus flowers are often used to signify strength, rebirth and enlightenment.

Although Buddhism itself represents these values, the Lotus flower is often put forward to symbolize them. Be careful, however, before choosing the color because the meaning may change according to this one.

Tatouage Bouddha 5

Other tattoos like the golden Buddha can be used to signify belief in the teachings of the Buddha or a sign of devotion to Buddha.

Of all the Buddhist tattoos, the golden Buddha is the one most associated with this religion. You don't have to be a Buddhist to show your devotion to Buddha using this tattoo since anyone who has read and understood his teachings is free to show that they believe in what he has taught.

Tatouages Bouddha 6

Some people also choose these types of tattoos simply because they find them aesthetically appealing , so the meaning becomes secondary.

With the fascination that people have for tattoos, most are always looking for "cool" images to stand out, and in this case, the Buddha may be an original choice.

Tatouage Bouddha 7

Other meanings to these types of tattoos often include luck, purity, honesty, wealth, and blessings. These tattoos can also be used to ward off evil and ward off all evil spirits.

Where to place your Buddha tattoo?

Tatouages Bouddha 8

The back: With a back tattoo you are not limited by space. You are free to draw it as large as you want. The laughing Buddha and the Buddha of meditation are often represented there

Tatouages Bouddha 9

Upper arm: perfect location for your Buddha. Ideal for Men because their arms are generally wider, it will be more visible. In addition, the upper arm is not as painful as other parts of the body , which makes tattooing easier.

Tatouages Bouddha 10

The Stomach: The stomach is a rarely tattooed area, but if you are thinking of placing your tattoo there then the Laughing Buddha is a good idea. To make it incredible, align the stomach of the Buddha on your navel, guaranteed effect!

Tatouages Bouddha 11

The hand: A Buddha tattoo on your hand will not only look beautiful. He will be the direct representation of your spirituality for others.

Tatouages Bouddha 12

The most popular tattoos

Tatouage Bouddha univers Bouddha

Temporary tattoos: Perfect if you don't want a permanent tattoo or just like a change. Temporary Buddha tattoos usually last from one to three weeks and allow you to express your thoughts without consequences in the long term!

Tatouage Bouddha rieur

The Laughing Buddha: When talking about the Buddha, the jovial image of the Laughing Buddha is what most people often think of. The laughing Buddha is one of the most popular tattoos for its laid back side and its symbolism of joie de vivre and wealth. .

Tatouage bouddha de méditation

The Meditation Buddha: The Meditation Buddha is a more serious image and would work well for anyone who wants to get a tattoo for religious purposes. You can draw a meditation Buddha sitting in the lotus position or having only the face.

Tatouage main de Bouddha

The hand of Buddha: Usually on the shoulder or the scapula, this tattoo represents a hand symbolizing one of the many postures of the Buddha .

Buddha tattoos design ideas

To finish, discover some of the most beautiful designs of Buddha tattoos to help you make your choice , welcome, it makes us happy!

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