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CHRISTMAS: -15% with the code NOELZEN
Guide d'Achat : Où acheter sa statue bouddha ?

Buyer's Guide: Where to buy a Buddha statue?

The Statues of Buddha in our shop

Univers-Buddha is the perfect choice for anyone looking for various Buddha statues and other Buddhist artifacts. Our French Buddha Shop houses the largest collection of rare and antique Buddha statues from various countries in the Southeast Asia region. Offering a variety of original and ancient Buddhist art suitable for an antique collector in you or your loved ones, the large collection in our Buddha Shop is the result of our frequent visits to the regions mentioned above. These frequent visits have allowed us to establish wonderful relationships with many Buddhist art dealers and have enabled us to deal personally with various Buddhist temples and monasteries and personal collectors keen to part with their priceless Buddhist art.

Top 5 buddha statues on the universe-buddha website

Handmade wooden Buddha statue

The Handmade Wooden Buddha Statue is a statue highly appreciated by our customers for its quality of construction.

Shakyamuni bust Buddha statue in black clay

The s tatue Buddha bust Shakyamuni black clay the ideal statue for any type of decoration.

Seated Medicine Buddha Statue

The Seated Medicine Buddha Statue is recognized by some for its spiritual aspects and faculties useful for meditation.

Sitting Buddha statue appealing to the earth in bronze

The Sitting Buddha statue appealing to the earth in bronze is a statue very much loved by our customers for its original and ancestral design.

Young Buddhist Monk Buddha Statue

The Young Buddhist Monk Buddha statue is our cutest and most playful statue.

Likewise, you do not have to worry about the authenticity and legality of any Buddha statues you purchase from us, as we have no policy on dealing with stolen items. We do not encourage the theft of these artifacts, as the theft of these statues undermines and dishonours the history of these artifacts. Therefore, the statues you buy from us are completely genuine and are bought in a legal manner. If you want a Buddha statue or any other type of Buddhist art like laughing Buddha statues, miniature Buddhist temple, shrines, lacquerware, Buddhist manuscripts and other artifacts, visit our Buddha store in line where you can choose Buddha statues or Buddhist artifacts from a wide variety of Buddhist arts to buy. Some of our Buddha statues are made in Tibet by Tibetans. In spirituality, the Buddha statues of the pagodas or those that one can have at home have Zen faculties and help to meditate and pray.

Why buy a Buddha statue?

Buddhism, one of the greatest religions in the world, is based on the principles and teachings of the Buddha. A prince turned spiritual leader, he helped spread the truth about life and taught people how to gain eternal happiness and peace. Although the Buddha did not claim to be a god, he was revered and is still revered by many people as a deity. Therefore, even though idol worship is not the true face of Buddhism, people take Buddha statues as a symbol of the Buddha himself.

Historically speaking, there is almost no evidence of the physical appearance and characteristics of the Buddha, as Buddhist iconography only began after almost two centuries of Buddha nirvana. But the statues and images of the Buddha are based on spiritual texts describing his appearance and how the characteristics of his body explain the spiritual guidance of the disciples. Perhaps this is the reason why followers of Buddhism revere the statue of Buddha, which does not mean that they regard him as a god but as a leader who can lead them on the path of enlightenment. We can therefore say that the statues of Buddha are taken more as an object of cult inspiration than as a mystical religious monument.

The statues of Buddha are a symbol of peace, harmony, self-realization and inner happiness. These artifacts are not only important from a religious point of view unlike the Orthodox, Christianity and Hinduism religions, but are also an important spiritual guide. From the structure of the face, the poses, the position of the limbs to the head, ears, eyes and nose, each of them has its own hidden meaning from a spiritual point of view. The style of each statue can vary, which gives different meanings to the Buddha statues. In addition, statuettes of Buddhas are a great source of inspiration for meditation enthusiasts, as Buddha himself achieved enlightenment by practicing meditation. Buddha statues provide a feeling of serenity, divinities and peace.

How to choose your buddha statue?

Finally, a short guide on the meaning of the different Buddhas:

Buddha of meditation : The Buddha is seated in the lotus position with both hands on his knees, the face up and eyes closed.

Buddha of protection : The Buddha can be seated or standing with a raised right hand.

Buddha happy : Usually depicted sitting and smiling with a rounded stomach and a bald head. Some say you can rub the belly of the Buddha for good luck.

Reclining Buddha (or Nirvana ): It is believed to represent the dying Buddha, lying on his right side, waiting to enter Nirvana.

Buddha in contact with the earth : Seen in most Thai temples, this Buddha is seated with his left hand on his knees and the right hand pointing towards the ground.

The other forms of Buddha are the Buddha of walking, the Buddha of teaching and the Buddha of medicine.

How to place your buddha statue in your house?

Placing Buddha statues around your home can bring peace, positive energy, good health, and prosperity. The Happy Buddha - Shakyamuni Buddha - is probably the most popular statue and brings good luck and abundance.

However, there are a few dos and don'ts when it comes to choosing a place for your Buddha.

  • The area where you place your Buddha statue should be kept clean and uncluttered.
  • Never place a Buddha statue in an unsanitary place, such as a bathroom, kitchen or toilet.
  • Avoid placing Buddha statues near machines with moving parts or electrical outlets, televisions, computers, etc.
  • Placing your Buddha statue in the garden is excellent for meditation and protection.
  • Do not place your Buddha statue directly on the ground.
  • To bring abundance to your house, the Buddha must be facing the house.
  • Try to place the Buddha facing east, towards sunrise.

In the house, the Buddha must be facing the room If the Buddha is there to protect you, place him in front of an entrance, facing those who enter.

Buddha statues can also be used in the work environment to focus the mind and attract success and wealth. It is possible to place the Buddha on a desk, as long as the area is kept clean and tidy.

A Buddha statue for the outdoors and your garden?

These statues also act as a great decorative peace for your home or office. It is also believed that having a statue in your home or work can bring prosperity to you and your loved ones. Having a Buddha statue in your backyard or living room can help change your perception of life and help you find its true meaning. So where can you get these special and rare Buddha statues?

Benefits of gold offerings to Buddha statues

During the time of Buddha Kashyapa, a person offered gold to a stone elephant and was reborn having an elephant that was made of gold and had a kaka made of gold. The king confiscated the elephant around this time, but the elephant dissolved in the ground. However, for man his karma was to obtain another similar elephant.

Another benefit of gifting gold is being born with a golden colored skin. This way the benefits are incredible. Incredible, like this.

If someone offers a little flower or rice to a Buddha statue, stupa or scripture, then the benefit extends from that moment to enlightenment. Incredible, incredible. It is said in the Stacked Flowers Sutra that in addition to this benefit, you attain ultimate happiness - liberation from the causes of illusion and karma - and in addition to this full enlightenment, all realizations and the spirit omniscient. After that, you can free countless hell beings, pretas, animals, humans, suras and asuras from the ocean of samsaric sufferings and bring them to full enlightenment. When all beings are brought into enlightenment, only then are all the results of the offering achieved.

So by offering gold, then wow, wow, wow . Can you imagine the result! From a tiny offering of flower or rice, one receives such a benefit thanks to this statue. So, in reality, sacred objects are wish-fulfilling gems, incredibly precious.

I have a different story. In ancient times in India there were four fully ordained monks. They were fully ordered but not aryas with direct realization of the void. One person offered food to these monks and was later reborn under the name of King Ashoka. But now that you are offering gold, you can imagine the result. Wow, wow, wow, wow.

Another benefit, for you to understand the idea, comes from the Devotional Power Development Mudra Sutra. In this sutra it is said that someone who only sees the image of a Buddha, big or small, immediately creates countless merits. The food of the devas is nectar, and their clothing is extremely precious - not all the wealth in the world is enough to buy their adornments. Compared to offering a hundred times the food and tissue of the devas to lonely realizers, which is equivalent to the grains of sand in the universe for a hundred eons, there are unimaginable advantages to just looking at a statue of a Buddha. . Wow ! Wow ! So now imagine that you are offering gold. To offer much, much, much more merit than seeing a Buddha.

Now you see why we are building great statues that people all over the world come to see. You can see how much of the benefit is there.

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