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Comment utiliser la main de bouddha ? Ce qu’il faut savoir

How to use the hand of Buddha? What there is to know

The Hand of Buddha : Most often presented as a funny fruit, has functions that one could not imagine. Indeed, for those who do not know it, it is a very fragrant citrus fruit that has long stems that give it the appearance of a hand .

Usually yellow in color when ripe, it is of great importance in Buddhist belief. And not that! Indeed, its use has become so diversified and extensive that everyone now finds something for them.

That’s why we decided in this article to talk about this plant and more precisely its usefulness. Hence our subject: how to use the hand of buddha ? But before going into details, let's do a little summary about this fruit.

Before we begin, what exactly is the hand of Buddha?

By its scientific name Citrus medica , the Buddha's hand is a citrus fruit from the Rutaceae family. Usually made up of many branches reminiscent of the fingers of a human hand, it is a very fragrant and beautiful fruit. Huge, it comes from India and produced on a shrub!

From the inside, there is nothing like other citrus fruits ... Indeed, we observe a white "flesh" without pulp. If you bring it closer to your nose, the scent won't be a very big surprise. For good reason, the smell will be familiar to you, because it is close to that of an orange and a lemon. To be more precise, its smell is in the middle of these two popular fruits.

How to use the Buddha's hand: what you need to know

While Citrus medica is quite different in appearance, its uniqueness does not end there. Indeed, unlike other plants which are mainly used for consumption, the hand of buddha , it finds a function in many other areas of which here are the main ones.

01 - Use the hand of buddha for protection

The most common function of this fruit, especially in some Asian countries, is to enjoy its protection. Indeed, if it has been nicknamed the " hand of Buddha ", it is mainly because of this capacity for protection.

In addition, she is also used individually as a spiritual guide. For some, it is also a source of wisdom and a companion for a godly spiritual life. Therefore, having it at home is a reminder of the way forward as a Buddhist.

Since this is a fruit that has a lifespan, it is almost impossible to store it naturally. Therefore, to have it in your living room, you have to plant it in a vase and maintain it! For that, here is an article to guide you .

02 - Use this fruit as a treatment in alternative medicine

Besides its protective and good luck capacity, the Buddha's hand is also used in alternative medicine . Indeed, at least that's what many Chinese therapists claim. If we stick to telling them, Citrus medica has many virtues for the human body.

Although this use of the Buddha's hand is applied in few countries, it continues to conquer the world.

03 - Use this plant as a piece of decoration

As the third way to use the hand of buddha , we have interior and exterior decoration. Indeed, since it is a rather particular fruit in its shape and size, it is an impressive decorative tool. Here, you don't have to be a Buddhist or belong to any particular creed to use it.If you find the fruit special, nothing prevents you from planting it in a vase and positioning it in a corner of your home

04 - Using the Buddha's hand in the kitchen

Finally, Citrus medica is also an excellent ingredient in cooking . Indeed, thanks to its intense and pleasant scent, it makes it possible to season many dishes. Likewise, it is used as a companion or to have an exotic look.

In the kitchen, Buddha’s hand is no longer limited to Asia. Indeed, its consumption has greatly expanded. From now on, it is possible to find it on sale in many departments of living in Europe, in America… As possible dish with this fruit, one can quote, the rice pudding with the hand of Buddha; the Belle-Hélène cake; Buddhist risotto and many others.

As a bonus, easy recipe to make with the hand of Buddha

If you've never tasted Buddha's hand, or want to repeat it, here is an easy starter recipe to make with this fruit. Basically, this is a make-your-own carrot salad.

Note that the ingredients used are ideal for 4 guests. However, if you want to invite more or fewer people, you can proportionally adjust each quantity.

For preparation you need :

  • Multicolored carrots (about 300 grams);
  • Organic buddha hand zest (about a tablespoon);
  • Organic buddha hand ziste (about a tablespoon);
  • A lemon (medium size);
  • Sesame tablespoon oil (about 8 tablespoons);
  • White sesame seeds (about a tablespoon also);
  • Fresh cilantro (about four medium branches).

Note : Most of its products are available in live fresh stores and also on some specialty sites. As another remark, do not confuse the zest and the ziste . Indeed, the latter represents the lower white membrane of the fruit (just below the zest).

The stages of preparing the salad :

Once you have all the necessary ingredients for our preparation, start by peeling and grating the carrots. Then chop the corianders just after removing the leaves and drying them.

In a small bowl, squeeze the lemon, add the zest and ziste from Buddha's hand, add the sesame oil, coriander, and mix.

Finally, salt and pepper your salad before spreading the previous sauce on the carrots. Once you're ready, serve without further delay .

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