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CHRISTMAS: -15% with the code NOELZEN
Comment Manger comme un Bouddhiste ?

How to Eat Like a Buddhist?

Fan of the world of Buddhism? Today, the Univers Bouddha team is sharing with you the 10 secrets of a true Buddhist's diet ! Thanks to my trip to Dhanakosa, a Buddhist retreat center, I was able to immerse myself in the daily life of true experienced Buddhists, and therefore able to feed myself exactly like them!


Here we go! :)

1) Eat Vegetarian Foods

In accordance with the Buddhist precept of non-violence towards all creatures, our meals were all vegetarian. We had no meat, dairy products, or eggs. We had lots of lentils , beans, soups, salads and vegetable dishes . It's cold in Scotland in October, so our food was plentiful and warming.

2) Follow a Daily Schedule

At Dhanakosa , we followed a fixed routine each day: breakfast at 8:45 a.m., lunch at 1:00 p.m. and dinner at 6:00 p.m. Having a predictable daily schedule allowed us to plan our day and regulate appetite . Dinner was early, and there was a long period of fasting from evening meal to breakfast the next day, but my body quickly adjusted to the pace.

3) Favor Fruits and Tea

Since a cook prepared all of our meals, we didn't have much access to snacks. Other than the fresh fruit and calming teas , there was no snacking between meals.

4) Do not bring Stash Food

On a related note, since all of our meals were shared together and there was no vending machine or secret chocolate stash, everything we ate was visible to others. I see so many customers who eat in secret (after the kids have gone to bed, for example), and I think it's somehow healthier to eat in the presence of others .

5) Save the Dessert for Special Occasions

Sugar and sweets were very limited in the center. During the week we had rice pudding twice after dinner and homemade oat bars once, when we finished our cleaning duties on the last day. My palate adapted quickly, and I found that I didn't even miss dessert. On the contrary, I enjoyed my meals more and found that the taste of fruits and vegetables became more lively.

6) Enjoy Homemade Meals

All meals are homemade, including fresh bread , soups and casseroles. As a result, there was not too much salt, no preservatives and the flavors were fresh. I always encourage customers to slowly increase the number of their homemade meals, because eating healthy is so much easier if you have more control over how your food is prepared. Start with a homemade breakfast , then work your way up from there.

7) Eat after Meditation

At monastery , we meditated before breakfast, lunch and dinner. This meant that we were in a calm and relaxed state before meals, which made digestion easier. Most of us don't meditate three times a day outside of a retreat atmosphere, but it is always good to take a few deep breaths , to reserve a moment of gratitude for his meal and to eat without hurry and in peace. I was told that this tradition came from Laughing Buddha ! Indeed, legend has it that the Bonze Rieur often liked to eat after his meditation session.

8) Eat in Silence

On a related note, we have always eaten without the distraction of radio, television, or newspapers and ate several meals in complete silence The silence can be particularly powerful at breakfast , because the morning is a more suitable time for thinking , and it is pleasant to start the day quietly, without chatter.

9) Make Breakfast Coherent

While lunch and dinner varied in Dhanakosa, breakfast always consisted of porridge with toppings such as cinnamon , seeds of squash , raisins and muesli . This caught my eye as I often encourage busy customers to systematize their meals and find one thing for breakfast they like to stick with. This allows your busy mornings to flow more smoothly and your body to pick up a pace.

10) Take charge of your Meals

Even though a cook was in charge of preparing our meals, we all participated in the preparation and cleaning. It allowed us all to be involved in some way or another with the meal, and I know it helped me feel more grateful for all the effort that was put in. to feed the group.

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